Putting in loft insulation is among the most cost-effective and most efficient techniques to stop warmth escaping your house, since warmth rises and would differently be misplaced thru your loft.

Loft insulation can scale back your power use and your expenses, serving to each the planet and your pockets.

Some varieties of insulation you’ll be able to set up your self; for others, you’ll be able to want skilled lend a hand.

We spoke to 2 Which? Depended on Buyers – Dean Taylor from The Loft Boys and Liam Mellor of LCM Flat Roofing – who’ve 12 and 10 years revel in respectively of putting in insulation. Learn on for his or her recommendation.

No longer reasonably in a position to put in loft insulation? Head to our information on draught-proofing your house for different tips about protecting your home heat and reducing your power expenses.

blanket insulation

1. Pick out the proper form of insulation on your loft

Several types of loft insulation have other functions. The primary varieties are

  • Blanket or batt loft insulation
  • Sheet loft insulation
  • Unfastened-fill loft insulation
  • Blown-fibre loft insulation

Blanket loft insulation

Blanket insulation, which insulates successfully, however may also be too cumbersome to slot in small areas or round obstructions, is the commonest sort.

Dean advised us that it is all you will have to want if the temperature of your loft does not wish to be regulated: if, as an example, you are simply going to make use of it as space for storing.

Blanket insulation is available in rolls and is normally fabricated from rock, glass or mineral fibre. In keeping with Dean, it is simple to suit, particularly between joists.

Sheet loft insulation

Blanket insulation is not appropriate for insulating the bottom of your roof, although.

If that is what you need to do – shall we embrace, you are aspiring to spend time on your loft or to retailer temperature-sensitive pieces there – you’ll be able to purchase insulating sheets fabricated from man-made or natural fabrics from house growth outlets.

They are able to then be adorned by way of portray or protecting with plasterboard.

Whilst insulating the bottom of your roof is normally very efficient when it comes to warmth retention, Dean cautioned that it is the most costly form of loft insulation. It additionally must be put in by way of a professional skilled – extra in this later.

Unfastened-fill loft insulation

That is made out of plenty of granular or light-weight fabrics similar to cork granules, mineral wool or cellulose fibre. Extra sustainable varieties of loose-fill insulation can be utilized, similar to recycled newspaper.

Unfastened-fill insulation suits simply between irregularly spaced joists or round obstructions, and comes in handy for topping up current insulation in attics.

On the other hand, it could actually come free in draughty lofts and protection apparatus and protecting clothes are essential to put in it safely.

Blown-fibre loft insulation

This sort of insulation is blown into the gaps between joists. You can want a skilled tradesperson to put in blown-fibre insulation, who will have to be capable to whole the task simply.

This may also be dearer than different instances of insulation.

Our information to the varieties of loft insulation explains the professionals and cons of every type.

2. Know when to get your loft insulation professionally put in

You’ll set up some varieties of insulation your self. Now we have were given tips about on placing blanket insulation on your loft later on this article, as an example.

However you must know when to name at the specialist talents of a dealer.

As an example, Dean advised us that ‘Putting in a heat loft (the place insulation is above the roof deck, the panel beneath the roofing subject matter that is normally fabricated from picket) is surely no longer a DIY task. It comes to specialized paintings at the roof and messing it up can have dire penalties for the steadiness of all your house. A qualified will spot issues similar to damp or asbestos’.

As we discussed ahead of, insulating sheets are the most costly form of loft insulation and wish to be put in by way of a professional skilled. Unfastened-fill and blown-fibre will even require a talented tradesperson with the essential apparatus to put in it accurately.

3. How one can DIY set up blanket insulation

For those who experience DIY tasks, you’ll be able to set up blanket insulation your self. Dean equipped us with a listing of gear that you’ll be able to want, a tick list of arrangements to be sure to keep protected, and a short lived information on tips on how to in fact do it.

Equipment for putting in blanket loft insulation

  • Rubble bag – for any bits of particles you come back throughout
  • Face masks
  • Tape measure
  • An outdated hand noticed
  • Application knife or scissors
  • Cell workbench

What to test for ahead of putting in blanket loft insulation

  • If operating inside of an un-floored loft house, you then will have to legislation move slowly/kneel forums so as to transfer round safely
  • Attempt to be sure that the loft is well-ventilated and unfastened from condensation
  • Make certain that the loft is well-lit so you’ll be able to see precisely what you are doing. Preferably, use a number of LED lighting in more than a few places. LEDs may not warmth up and so they give off an impressive vivid white gentle
  • Put on a protecting face masks to keep away from inhaling mud debris
  • Crawling round to your knees for any period of time can get beautiful gruelling so you may also take pleasure in the usage of knee pads
  • If your house used to be constructed ahead of 2000, it is imaginable that your loft would possibly include fabrics involving asbestos. For those who suspect that asbestos is also provide, then do not take any possibilities. Communicate to a pro about tips on how to safely take away it.

How one can set up blanket loft insulation

  • In case you are operating with an un-floored space, you’ll be able to want the ones move slowly/forums we discussed. Those will be sure to do not put a foot (or all your frame) in the course of the ceiling underneath and do your self an harm – or inadvertently develop into a TikTok sensation!
  • Subsequent, take a look at if in case you have recessed spotlights inside the ceiling. For those who do, then you’ll be able to wish to set up loft caps to verify your new insulation does not come into touch with the recent again of the lighting
  • The primary 100mm layer of insulation will wish to be laid between the joists. Test the typical distance between joists and minimize the insulation whilst it is nonetheless packaged the usage of an outdated hand noticed to the width required. (Usually the space between the joists shall be both 380mm or 570mm)
  • Roll out the minimize insulation between the joists over all the space required after which flippantly press the insulation subject matter to suit between the joists. Nest the insulation across the loft caps if provide
  • The second one layer of 170mm – 200mm insulation must be laid operating at a proper attitude over the joists. Except there are any braces (supporting beams) or different obstructions you’ll be able to lay this sediment over the whole thing of your loft ground.
  • Get started on the furthest level from the loft hatch and unroll the insulation excessive of the joists making sure a good, gap-free blanket over all the house.

You’ll in finding extra recommendation on blanket, loose-fill, sheet and blown-fibre insulation in our information to putting in loft insulation.

4. Loft insulation for flat and pitched roofs

There are 3 varieties of insulation for flat roofs (in comparison to best two for pitched roofs) and a pro shall be in a position that can assist you decide which one is absolute best on your assets.

Heat deck or heat roof has insulation above the roof deck (the panel beneath the roofing subject matter that is normally fabricated from picket). It is really helpful in damp and chilly spaces – which, unfortunately, contains the United Kingdom.

Chilly deck or chilly roof has insulation underneath the roof deck and the related joists. Usually, you allow an opening for air flow, as condensation may just shape, and result in rot.

In each heat deck and chilly deck choices, the elements membrane (most often shaped of roofing felt and bitumen) would be the topmost layer, protective in opposition to rain.

Dean advised us that: ‘A flat roof will have to be insulated from above – which is surely a role for a certified.’

Liam additionally defined that ‘One of the simplest ways to insulate a flat roof is with foil sponsored foam insulation board however extra importantly put in as a heat roof deck (on best of the roof floor) no longer a chilly roof deck (between the rafters) which is not as thermally environment friendly.’

However, your flat roof may well be an inverted roof. This places insulation above the elements membrane, protective it from warmth and chilly. It might probably even offer protection to in opposition to put on and tear if there may be get right of entry to to the roof. The highest-most layer is normally gravel or a an identical subject matter.

Check out our information to roof insulation for extra main points at the other choices to be had for each pitched and flat roofs.

5. Steer clear of commonplace errors when putting in loft insulation

Maximum lofts have already got some type of insulation. On the other hand, it is ceaselessly poorly put in, is being squashed by way of loft boarding and saved pieces, or is underneath the really helpful thickness of 270mm.

Dean suggests lifting up a loft board and examining what is there.

He mentioned ‘Be cautious of cables and pipes, and make sure there is a hole for airflow above the insulation. With out this, condensation can increase. The air wallet inside the insulation will have to be totally open with great fluffy insulation.’

Liam added that: ‘A commonplace mistake is reducing the insulation to suit between rafters or joists. It is significantly better put in as an impartial layer with out breaks within the insulation. A heat deck roof design with out air go with the flow calls for a vapour barrier to stop condensation, however is a lot more power environment friendly than the older chilly deck roof design.’

The loft and roof aren’t the one portions of your home you’ll be able to insulate. Relying at the partitions on your assets, in finding out extra about hollow space wall insulation or cast wall insulation.

6. Use Which? Depended on Buyers to discover a dependable skilled

Which? Depended on Buyers recognises respected investors who cross an strict evaluation procedure. We take a look at the dealer’s credit score experiences, buyer pride and industry procedures in addition to carrying out an interview and evaluation.

Dean’s corporate The Loft Boys used to be awarded a Which? Depended on Buyers Certificates of Difference in June 2020. Liam’s industry LCM Flat Roofing Ltd used to be voted Which? Depended on Dealer of the Month for August 2020 and April 2022.

In finding out extra about putting in loft insulation.

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